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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ellie's baba's (Litter C)- 2 weeks old

Ellie's babies are two weeks old now and doing really well. She is being a really good mum and looks after them well. She does not mind as much now about me handling them and they are also getting used to being picked up. These babies are so chunky and big I can't believe it, compared to how little they seemed when born. They have gone from 100-110g at birth to now weighing between 310-340g at 2 weeks which is very good and they are bigger than Karlisa's where at that age which is a suprise but I guess if they are taking after their dad then they will grow up to be chunky boys as so is dad. I have two favourites in this litter a blue silver tabby who I now think is a classic/spotted not mackerel ( although not easy to tell yet) and a black smoke with white stripe on chin. He is very cute and has a lovely chunky round head and his expression is very cute.

I had not planned on keeping a boy but I am very taken with the blue silver tabby as I love his colour and have not had this colour before so depending on how he develops (he is the biggest still), I may keep him for my breeding program next year along with Boris from Karlisa's litter and of course fatty (Belle). Due to Boris also being a black smoke I don't really want two so all the black smokes in this litter will go as pets.

Here are some pictures of the baby boys (two of each) as I did not want to take too many at this young age.


  1. Oh they are so cute!! Well done Ellie - lovely babies and great to hear she is such a good Mum! Congratulations Clare -

  2. Thanks Leslie, they are very cute if I do say so. Can't wait for them to start moving around more and playing :-)