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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Our Snowgum girls!

Thought it was time I updated everyone on our newest additions, mainly xena as she has been with us for a few months now and has changed so much. She is getting very big but I noticed this more after Dahlia's arrival. Xena is just over 6 months old now and weighs over 3.5kg. Her mother is a late developer so if she takes after her then she has alot more growing to do, she has the fluffiest tail I have ever seen, just like her Dad. Ofcourse Dahlia could not help getting in on some of the pictures, they get on very well which is nice. Dahlia despite being only 2kg at 3.5 months has no problem jumping on xena whenever she feels like a play fight. She has settled well and is very confident and such a pretty girl like her half sister.

Some pictures of these two gorgeous girls (xena is the silver girl)


  1. They both look lovely! It's amazing how quick they grow!

    Beautiful girls

    Denise x

  2. thanks Denise, they are lovely girls and hope they have equally lovely babies next year x

  3. Oh wow! I can't believe how much Xena has grown up already! She looks so much like her mum :-) Very pretty girl :-) Dahlia looks like she is having a ball with Xena- great to see them getting along so well :-) Give them both a kiss and a cuddle from me!

  4. Hi Melanie
    they get on very well and are little mischief makers.lol I think they will be inseperable :-)
    Yes she looks like mummy alot and is growing up fast, she is a lovely size also. They send kisses right back :-)

  5. Oh - lovely to see the two girls together - and they look like they will be the best friends ever. They grow so quickly - it doesn't seem any time since Xena arrived, and now look how she has grown and matured. Dahlia is following fast in her pawprints. Great to see them Clare - congratulations on them both.

  6. Thankyou Leslie, she is maturing well and a very nice girl, they both are, very pleased to have them here and expect some beautiful babies from them next year :-)

  7. Utterly beautiful cats! I love the stripey goldy-silvery thing :)

    What lovely cats and they look so happy!

  8. thanks Sarah, both very pretty, well mannered girls, well most of the time :-)