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Monday, 21 June 2010

ragtime tica show 19th/20th June 2010

We decied to take Karlisa along to her last show at the weekend. We only attended on the Sunday due to the distance. We merely went for points towards her next title and was not expecting much else as she is out of coat at the moment. The show was great as usual with a lovely friendly atmosphere. The rossettes where lovely and colourful and loving pink thought wouldnt it be great to get a pink one.lol

Well she was the only adult sibby there and lots of other good longhaired cats so I did not expect much. She got the much needed points and also suprised me by getting a final. I had left the hall to go and get some fresh air and on my return was told by a few people that my cat was in a final so it was just typical that I missed it. I did however get the rossette signed and had a nice chat with the judge after the final.

Her final was ninth best all breed cat and she got the all important pink rossette I wanted :-)

A big thanks to Kitti Ruttan USA for the final and nice comments and also the advice on stud choice ;-)

This was our last show for a while and I will miss doing tica shows but hopefully she will be back in the winter when she has a better coat and is more mature as she really is a baby still at two years. Providing ofcourse she does not loose too much condition after having her babies. We may even have a baby or two to take along! She will be off to stud in a couple of weeks and fingers crossed some babies in two months or so.

She now should be a Quadruple grand champion! but will wait for official confirmation on that. I am thrilled with this title and now understand just how hard it is to get titles with TICA, epecially for females. It has took alittle longer due to the change in status compared with previous years but we got there after just nine days of showing. I hope I can learn from the experience I have gained this past 6 months and go on to breed better cats in the coming years. Thanks to all the other show exhibitors/breeders who have taken the time to speak with me and give me so much valuable advice in the sibby world but also other breeds.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

regional awards are in

Well the final results for the regional winners are in. Our girl Karlisa did not get a regional win but she did get a best in colour award for her breed:

5th best siberian adult in region (only female in top five)

Best adult black silver mackerel tabby Siberian
in region

So we are made up to get our first colour award for Karlisa. I think she has done very well for a girl competing mainly with the boys. We are off to our last show for a while with her on Sunday and hopefully coming home with another title. She will then be having alittle break to rear what we hope will be her second litter of gorgeous babies. I will post results from show when I get the chance.

Oh nearly forgot to mention our lovely Alter boy Max who came 4th best siberian alter in region. He had only been shown a few times as he hates being the centre of attention! unless he is at home. So well done to him, no colour awards for the alters though I believe.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Gus at 9 months

Here is an update on Gus from our first litter, he is 9 months now and developing well and now weighs more than his mummy and nearly as much as max. He is getting big and has excellent boning. His head is now starting to widen and generally looking really nice and a solid boy. Such a wonderful character also and so friendly. Thanks to his owners for taking such good care of my special baby. Hope he is behaving himself :-)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Its official

Well once again some more official titles in the post yesterday. Karlisa is officially now a triple grand champion with tica. We are so proud of our little (or should I say big) girl, hope for more to come very soon, so keep checking back for more news.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

regional standings for last show season 2009-2010

well results are in for our two cats that we briefly showed last year, they are as follows

Kiskasiberians Leontei (Max)

21st best siberian alter in world out of 43 shown, 4th best siberian alter in region

Kiskasiberians karlisa of Druzhina

31st best siberian in world out of 132 shown, 5th best siberian in region and the highest scoring female siberian in region last show year.

We have had great fun taking them out although we have only been to a handful of shows, hope for even better success in the years to come. Well done to everyone who did well especially to any international/regional winners.