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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sad News

Although this is not siberian cat related, I wanted to post this in memory of my first pedigree cat Hope, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep today due to renal failure.
She was a rescue Persian who I adopted through the vets I work at some 8 years ago. She came in as a stray and was abit of a mess. She was unspayed and looked like she had been someones breeding cat and was not well cared for. We guessed she was atleast 4 years if not older. Despite how she looked I instantly fell in love with her and felt as though it was fate as I had always wanted a white persian and had admired several pictures of them. She was a very special blessing.

After a few months of care and dedication I got her back to good health and then by chance was lucky enough to have the oppertunity to show her as a pedigree (even though I did not have papers) with Felis Britannica. She did really well and you can see from the show pics below she was a very beautiful girl who scrubbed up well. We stopped showing her due to her age and the fact she did not really enjoy it that much. At her last show one judge who was also a persian breeder could not believe how well she looked for her estimated age, wishing only that his older persian looked half as good.

She remained with us as a much loved pet for many years without any illness to speak of and I have included some pics from a few months ago, before she got sick of her playing in the cat run with my siberians.

She was the most gentle and well behaved cat you could ask for and never once was naughty, I could do anything with her even bath and blow dry and she was so good. I miss her alot and will never find another cat like her.

Rest in peace little angel, Jasmine, Chloe, Lucy and dusty will be there waiting for you at Rainbow bridge to keep you company! Love you always xx


  1. Oh Clare, I'm so sorry to hear about Hope - I know how much she meant to you - and we're all thinking of you. You gave her a wonderful life - and remember all the good times and love that you shared.

    L xx

  2. Thanks Lesley and everyone else who has emailed me about my loss. She was a great cat who will be very sadly missed x

  3. Clare
    So sad to see you lost dear Hope. It sounds like she had the best life possible.

  4. Thanks she was a lovely cat and miss her alot, I know wont get another kitty quite like her but atleast she is not suffering anymore x Hope your well