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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Felis Britannica show - viking cat club, Milton Keynes 31st Jan 2010

We took some of our sibbys along to their first fb show and had great fun and got to have a chat with some lovely sibby breeders also. It was a bit of a bad start as we got lost but luckily arrived on time, a long treck which we dont normally do but our cats were very well behaved. It was abit different to the TICA shows we were used to so nice to be able to relax and chat to people. It was also nice to not have to take them in and out of pens as Max hates this and even though he made abit of noise he was fairly well behaved and nick named Mr quiet by the judge because he would not shut up.lol. We got to speak to the judges about our cats and got a written report also stating their good and bad points, although mainly all good comments. Our cats did well for their first show and we got some great comments especially about our two silver cats. We where not expecting Ellie to do extremely well as she needs to fill out more and get a better coat but wanted to take her for the experience as she can be nervous, but she was very well behaved although alittle tense when being held infront of the judges and public.
The results were as follows:

Max's results and judges comments:
got his first CAP towards his champion neuter title and in his side Class got third best neuter all breed being beaten by a maine coon and a norweigan forest cat.
Judges comments:
Strong and solid body, excellent size and length, Excellent head shape and forehead, Excellent shape to eyes and expression, Well set ears size matching head,Excellent length to coat, well furnished tail, Excellent condition and temperament and overall sweet and impressive male neuter.

Karlisa's show results:
Got first CAC towards champion title and in side class best overall queen in show.
Judges comments:
Strong and solid body with excellent weight and proportions, beautiful shape to head, excellent profile, rounded head, medium strong chin, Large and expressive eyes, Well set ears and shape, correct coat texture, Medium long tail well furnished, excellent condition and temperament, sweet and relaxed girl.

Ellies show results:
Ex 2 kitten,
Judges comments:
Body and boning in deep development, wedge shaped head, time needed to develop width to head profile could be more scooped, Oval blue eyes, medium sized ears already follows wedge of head, Baby coat, excellent texture for age, nicely coloured points, body is solid. The judge had also decided see was a blue point with white not a tabby point as we first thought.

We had alot of interest from the public also in our cats and Ellie was especially admired for her pretty looks, infact one little girl really took to her and wanted to take her home...awww bless.


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  2. Hi Thanks, yes was alot more relaxed abit of a snails pace really, especially if I had only took one but much better for Max, he was fairly good just objected by talking alot but no hissing at judge. Kept him out of the pens and just sat him on my knee. Long journey of 5 hrs as we got lost, credit to you doing it every month.lol
    hope you and your kitties are well. See you at Leigh x

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    Blogger Chantaris said...

    Well done Clare - glad you had a great day! Its a lot less stressful with FIFe - Glad you made it to the show on time - getting lost is a nightmare!!

    Hugs to all the Druzhina cats!

    Sorry Leslie Ive just deleted your above comment by mistake was mean to try and remove above one of mine, now it looks like im talking to myself.lol